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  • Go to page 1 and change it's page style to "First Page"

  • Go to the Nth page of your document you wish to be page 1 and insert a page break right before it,

Give it a Default next style and change it's page number to 1

  • In the footer, you need to insert a formula to get the correct page count, that is the total number of pages minus the cover pages (N). You can insert the formula by pressing F2 the entering PAGE-N (PAGE-3 for example if you want page 3 to be number 1)

  • Then you can insert the page number by inserting a field

You should be good !

NB : Writer will insert an invisible page between your cover pages and your first page, so if you have 3 cover pages and the 4th page is your first page, you will see 5/N instead of 4/N in the status bar, because there's a hidden 4th page.

You can see the hidden page in the Print preview by checking the Print invisible pages checkbox

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