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  1. file/show.cgi permet d'executer des scripts à distance. Si j'envoi un mail à l'administrateur qui a ouvert une session webmin et que le mail contient un lien vers show.cgi/usr/bin/commande et qu'il clique dessus ben bingo.

From https://meta.serverfault.com/questions/3922/question-about-migrated-post-that-was-closed/3924#3924

While the control panels make it relatively easy for users to perform basic administration tasks, the main disadvantage is that they tend to take over the systems in strange and non-standard ways, making it difficult or even impossible for actual system administrators to manage the servers normally. Since there usually isn't a system administrator, the problem often goes unnoticed…

Until you bring such a question here.

So things that fall outside the norm, or the feature set provided by the control panel, can't be done easily (or at all) while they would be easy or trivial with a sysadmin running the machine in the usual manner. The question you referenced falls into this category.

The main problem, then, from a system administrator perspective, is that these systems are virtually unsupportable. For nearly any question, including the one you referenced, my response would have to be "Wipe the system and set it up right this time, without the control panel. And hire a sysadmin while you're at it." Obviously, this is not helpful in the short term, but there's little more we could possibly do, other than closing the questions as off topic.

From https://meta.serverfault.com/a/3428/51691

A question that mentions cpanel is not de-facto off-topic. It is possible an otherwise competent admin inherited a cpanel disaster and now has to make it work.

HOWEVER - If you are limiting yourself to just "what can be done from within cpanel" you're no longer a sysadmin in my view - you're an application user, and all of your questions should be referred to the application vendor (cpanel).

From : https://meta.serverfault.com/questions/6538/is-it-time-to-kill-problematic-tags-like-cpanel-plesk-whm-and-webmin

Given the recent uptick in new users with new questions, I've been noticing an even sharper-than-normal decline in quality on the site and a correlated increase in the number of questions about how to do $basic_task or simple troubleshooting in $crappy_webpanel_administration_tool. The three four that stand out to me are cpanel, plesk, whm and webmin.


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