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TitleGenreDescriptionViolence level
The PunisherTPSA la max payne but with some cool novelties : some ennemies are too afraid to confront you so they surrender. You can take them as shields and "interrogate" them. Bullet Time has been replaced with an unvulnerable mode for about the same period of time (~10 seconds) 7/10
Fight FeverFightingLooks a lot like street fighter. Some characters have very nice moves, like combinations of low, mid and high kick on one standing leg. Also, when a character is defeated he doesn't have to dramatically sprawl to the floor, they can be defeated and still stand up. Ken and Ryu equivalent characters don't have the same moves, they're truly two separate characters each with his own combos.2/10
Shogun 2RTSThis is AoE + Risk + Civilization all put together in a single game, with realistic large-scale combat2/10

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