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  • History tree and History in threads, useful when navigating through wikipedia.
  • Link Status Redux, tells you when did you last visit/bookmark a link before clicking on it.
  • Display anchors, useful to link to a specific section of a web page.
  • tile tabs WE, usefull to compare two tabs side by side.
  • At your command, I use this to easily move bookmarked videos from TV TIME to WATCHED.
  • Tab suspender will free a lot of memory by freezing your unused tabs until you actually visit them. This is almost always what you want since you open leave tabs open only to get back to them after you finish what you're actually reading after you followed a link. You don't really need to have the other tabs 'active', unless there is actual activity in there (twitter, quora…)
  • Web archives, when the page you're looking for doesn't exist anymore.


contact : @ychaouche yacinechaouche at yahoocom

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