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 +[[:​home|Home]] > [[:​network|Network]] > [[:ssl | SSL ]] > [[SSLOCSP|SSLOCSP]] | [[About]]
 +It's a server that responds to queries about wether a particular certificate has been revoked or not. OCSP stands for **O**nline **C**ertificate **S**tatus **P**rotocol. A certificate may be revoked by its legitimate owner if it is stolen or used by a third party that doesn'​t have the right to use it. OCSP let browsers and applications to check whether the certificate they are seeing is hasn't been revoked. The Certificate Authority who delivers a certificate has to also point out to clients where its OCSP server is, so they can do the necessary check-up.
 +contact : [[http://​twitter.com/​ychaouche|@ychaouche]] yacinechaouche at yahoocom

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