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 +The "right to be forgotten,"​ [...] is supposed to allow individuals to get "​inadequate,​ irrelevant, or no longer relevant"​ results removed from Google Search [...] But now, The Guardian, the BBC, and others are reporting that it's being used to cover up embarrassing news stories. Yesterday, The Guardian'​s James Ball said Google notified him that six articles from the site were being purged from European versions of the search engine. Three of them relate to Dougie McDonald, a former Scottish soccer referee who resigned in 2010 after allegedly lying about a penalty ​
 +Source : http://​www.theverge.com/​2014/​7/​3/​5867477/​google-takes-down-links-to-british-journalism-under-right-to-be-forgotten
 +Alternative search engine : duckduckgo
 +contact : [[http://​twitter.com/​ychaouche|@ychaouche]] yacinechaouche at yahoocom

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