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You need to enable the ACL plugin by adding "acl" in roundcube configuration file (roundcube/config/config.inc.php)

// ----------------------------------                                                                                                
// PLUGINS                                                                                                                           
// ----------------------------------                                                                                                
// List of active plugins (in plugins/ directory)                                                                                    
//$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array();                                                                                               
$config['plugins'] = array('jqueryui', 'ispconfig3_account', 'ispconfig3_autoreply', 'ispconfig3_autoselect', 'ispconfig3_fetchmail'\
, 'ispconfig3_filter', 'ispconfig3_forward', 'ispconfig3_pass', 'ispconfig3_spam', 'ispconfig3_wblist', 'chbox','acl');

If you are using courier as an IMAP server, you need to first setup the folder sharing in courier and add this to your config.inc.php

$config['imap_force_ns'] = true;

It should be ok.

contact : @ychaouche yacinechaouche at yahoocom

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