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Use rndc without any argument to see the list of available commands

root@dns2-sec 11:45:19 ~ # rndc
Usage: rndc [-b address] [-c config] [-s server] [-p port]
        [-k key-file ] [-y key] [-V] command

command is one of the following:

  reload        Reload configuration file and zones.
  reload zone [class [view]]
                Reload a single zone.
  refresh zone [class [view]]
                Schedule immediate maintenance for a zone.
  retransfer zone [class [view]]
                Retransfer a single zone without checking serial number.
  freeze        Suspend updates to all dynamic zones.
  freeze zone [class [view]]
                Suspend updates to a dynamic zone.
  thaw          Enable updates to all dynamic zones and reload them.
  thaw zone [class [view]]
                Enable updates to a frozen dynamic zone and reload it.
  notify zone [class [view]]
                Resend NOTIFY messages for the zone.
  reconfig      Reload configuration file and new zones only.
  sign zone [class [view]]
                Update zone keys, and sign as needed.
  loadkeys zone [class [view]]
                Update keys without signing immediately.
  stats         Write server statistics to the statistics file.
  querylog      Toggle query logging.
  dumpdb [-all|-cache|-zones] [view ...]
                Dump cache(s) to the dump file (named_dump.db).
  secroots [view ...]
                Write security roots to the secroots file.
  stop          Save pending updates to master files and stop the server.
  stop -p       Save pending updates to master files and stop the server
                reporting process id.
  halt          Stop the server without saving pending updates.
  halt -p       Stop the server without saving pending updates reporting
                process id.
  trace         Increment debugging level by one.
  trace level   Change the debugging level.
  notrace       Set debugging level to 0.
  flush         Flushes all of the server's caches.
  flush [view]  Flushes the server's cache for a view.
  flushname name [view]
                Flush the given name from the server's cache(s)
  status        Display status of the server.
  recursing     Dump the queries that are currently recursing (named.recursing)
  tsig-list     List all currently active TSIG keys, including both statically
                configured and TKEY-negotiated keys.
  tsig-delete keyname [view]
                Delete a TKEY-negotiated TSIG key.
  validation newstate [view]
                Enable / disable DNSSEC validation.
  addzone ["file"] zone [class [view]] { zone-options }
                Add zone to given view. Requires new-zone-file option.
  delzone ["file"] zone [class [view]]
                Removes zone from given view. Requires new-zone-file option.
  *restart      Restart the server.

* == not yet implemented
Version: 9.8.4-rpz2+rl005.12-P1
root@dns2-sec 11:45:20 ~ # 

For example, you can load a single zone with rndc load zone

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