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Just as with gd or mysql, reconfigure the makefile with the –with-MODULE option. See ./configure –help for a list of all available modules. Then recompile with make (it should take much less time because it will only compile new files) and reinstall with make install, but before you do make install you should kill php-fpm if it's already running, then run make install, then run the phpinfo(); test page and see if you see you see your module there.

Don't do that because each time you recompile php (at the top directory) you will lose the old extensions. If you want to keep the old extensions then you need to add all their options together with the option of the new module you want to compile. To get the list of all previous options, you can use php -i and grep on configure.

But better is to use this :

cd ext/$module
make test
make install

add the module to php.ini (/usr/local/lib/php.ini) :


That way you don't have to remember anything.

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