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 +[[:​index|Home]] > [[:​computers|computers]] > [[:​linux|linux]] > [[LinuxVideoEditing|LinuxVideoEditing]] > [[LinuxVideo2Gif]]| [[:​about|About]]
 +ychaouche@ychaouche-PC ~/​VIDEOS/​SCREENCASTS $ avconv -i random.python.mkv -pix_fmt rgb24 -r 5 random.python.gif
 +  - -pix_fmt rgb24 : that's what I got from the error message when I tried without it. Error message suggested I use this so I used it.
 +  - -r 5 : 5 frames per second. I added this option because when I didn't I got a 6Gb+ gif image out of a 700Kb mkv video. With -r 5 I got a 37Mb gif video. See [[LinuxCompressGif|how to compress a gif image]].
 +contact : [[http://​twitter.com/​ychaouche|@ychaouche]] yacinechaouche at yahoocom

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