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 ^Arch Linux|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​lib/​systemd/​systemd | ^Arch Linux|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​lib/​systemd/​systemd |
 ^OpenSuse|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​lib/​systemd/​systemd ​ (1.1M) ^OpenSuse|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​usr/​lib/​systemd/​systemd ​ (1.1M)
-^System / distro|reboot|shutdown|poweroff|halt|init| 
-^Mint|15k bin|83k bin|ln -s reboot|ln -s reboot|260k bin| 
-^Debian|ln -s /​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​bin/​systemctl|ln -s /​lib/​systemd/​systemd (1.3M)| 
-^Void|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​halt|4.0K posix sh script|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​halt|8.K bin|ln -s  /​usr/​bin/​runit-init (16K)| 
-^Gentoo (sysvinit)|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​halt|24K bin|ln -s /​usr/​bin/​halt|20k '​bin|43k ​ bin| 
-^Gentoo (openrc)| | | | | | 
-^OpenBSD|bin|bin|not implemented|ln reboot| | 
-^Guix (Shephered)|guile script|ln -s halt|not implemented|guile script|not implemented| 
-^MacOS X|bin|bin|not implemented|bin| | 
-^NetBSD|bin|ln reboot|ln reboot|ln ​ reboot|bin| 
-^DragonflyBSD| | | | | | 
-^FreeBSD| | | | | | 
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