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  maildirmake -q 100000S /var/vmail/domain.tld/some-email/

will set a quota of 100 Mb on the some-email Maildir. Notice the S at then end of the size argument, you will have a format error if you don't add an S. maildirmake -q will update the maildirsize file present in that folder with the necessary information. If you still see the old quota in your email client, make sure the maildirsize file is readable by the required user (vmail in my case). Most likely, if you issue the maildirmake command as root the file will belong to root, and the system user running courier won't be able to read or write to it so make sure to chown the file to the required user.

 chown vmail:vmail maildirsize

No restarting of any service required but the mailqueue may still hold some emails that were to be delivered to that mailbox, so you might have to manually flush the specific messages.

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