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 <​code>​ <​code>​
-openssl ​pkcs8 -in user.key ​-pubout> ​user.pub+openssl ​rsa -in private_key ​-pubout > public_key
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-.oO **pkcs8** is better than the old rsa. Here's an excerpt from the openssl'​s man page 
-[from man rsa] 
-the rsa command uses 
-       the traditional SSLeay compatible format for private key encryption: 
-       newer applications should use the more secure PKCS#8 format using the 
-       pkcs8 utility. 
-From wikipedia :  
-PKCS stands for "​Public Key Cryptography Standards"​ 
-For example, PKCS#8 stores private key information and its associated openssl command is **openssl pkcs8**. The PKCS#10 deals with CSRs and its openssl command is **openssl req**. 
-PKCS#8 is **Private-Key Information Syntax Standard**, Used to carry private certificate keypairs (encrypted or unencrypted). 
-.oO if you don't add the **-pubout** option then the private key will be output again. The **-pubout** option is kind of telling openssl to extract the public part of user.key. 
 ==== How to generate a CSR ? ==== ==== How to generate a CSR ? ====

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