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  1. In the opening, don't play the same piece more than once
  1. Connect rooks
  2. Get your rooks on 7th rank
  3. Nothing can stop two rooks on a column
  4. Support your passed pawn with a rook below
  1. Don't get your queen too early in the game. Develop your pieces first
  1. Always play Bf1 (as black) f8 (as white)
  2. Bishop pair is stronger than knights pair
  1. Always play king b2 (when castling queen side)
  2. Get your king to the center in the endgame, it serves no purpose on the 1st rank.
  1. Never play f3 (as white) f6(as black)
  2. Never play b3 (as white) if you don't fiancheto
  3. Open up the column for your rook, even at the cost of a pawn sacrifice
  4. Support your knight on d5 by playing e4
  5. Try go get to e6 (very annoying)
  1. Your Knight belongs to d5 (as white), supported by a pawn

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