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- In the opening, don't play the same piece more than once


- Connect rooks - Get your rooks on 7th rank - Nothing can stop two rooks on a column - Support your passed pawn with a rook below


- Don't get your queen too early in the game. Develop your pieces first


- Always play Bf1 (as black) f8 (as white)


- Always play king b2 (when castling queen side) - Get your king to the center in the endgame, it serves no purpose on the 1st rank.


- Never play f3 (as white) f6(as black) - Open up the column for your rook, even at the cost of a pawn sacrifice - Support your knight on d5 by playing e4 - Try go get to e6 (very annoying)


- Your Knight belongs to d5 (as white), supported by a pawn

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