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  1. The US really gets a constitution that makes it a nation in 1789.
  2. Full independence in 1814.
  3. Spreads across the continent by 1850.
  4. Ends slavery and becomes a single unified nation in 1865.
  5. First time territory is conquered off of the continent 1898.
  6. Financeer for Europe 1917. Most powerful country (contested) on Earth 1945.
  7. Most powerful country uncontested 1991.
  8. First black President 2008.

Tea Party

Imagine you have the choice between two preschools. Preschool 1 has a lot of teachers with really strict rules, and they force you to pay them part of your allowance to go there. Preschool 2 has only a couple teachers, no rules, and you can keep all of your allowance. Your playmate goes to preschool 1 and says its better because the teachers and rules protect all the kids from bullies and provide good tutoring to the kids who aren't doing well.

In preschool 2, you see that some of the kids there have taken the leadership roles that the teachers in preschool 1 had, and they organize fun games for the rest of the kids, all without rules or taking your allowance. Your friend in preschool 1 accuses these kids of being bullies and beating the other kids up after class. You've never seen this and think your friend is crazy. You look at preschool 1 and think the teachers waste too much time watching TV and spend too much time tutoring the kids that aren't doing well instead of rewarding the kids that do well.

You think that if they just rewarded the kids that did well, the good kids would help the bad kids better than the teachers do.

The kids are business, the teachers government. Preschool 1 is our government in the eyes of the Tea Party.

Preschool 2 is the government they think would be best. You are the tea party person, your friend is the Democrat or Republican.

I realize there might be some bias in this example given our general feelings towards teachers and classroom discipline, however, I couldn't think of a better example.

Source : Explain the tea party movement and their beleifs (Like I'm Five)

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